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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Isle Royale August 2009

Even in the woods there are highways and intersections, these posts were always welcoming because the told you how many more miles you had to go before camp.
What a cute little blue sailboat, how fun would that be to have no rules or responsibilities and just tool all around... I could be happy doing that!
Ok I know you are wondering how we look so clean for backpacking, this was actually our last night so we had a chance to get clean , and let me tell you it's the best 6.00 shower you ever had after 7 days in the back country!

Isle Royale has some amazing sunsets...
I know you can't tell but my dogs were barking at this point, this is the Minong trail and it's the hardest and most challenging trail on the island, yes the trail is all rock so it is so hard to walk on this trail especially after several hours and 45 pounds of weight on your back. But needless to say I motored on ...
So after several hours on the trail we were rewarded with this beautiful view of Thunder Bay Canada, if you look close you can see we were as high as the tree tops. This is why I L.O.V.E backpacking ~

"It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves" Author : Sir Edmund Hillary
A peaceful sunset ... I felt so privileged to be the only two people at this campsite. So amazing
Enjoying a good book and a great view of Lake Holloran, Life is Good !
Yes that is what you think it is Wolf scat, we were just hiking along and right on the trail there it was. How cool to think this wolf walked the same trail we did. It was also kind of erie to think this wolf was in the same area we were and probably not too far ahead of us ,the scat had not dried up yet it was still pretty fresh!
So to our surprise we were still hiking the same trail and we came across wolf tracks , I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. My husband says I have wildlife turrets syndrome when I am out hiking , I can't help myself I get so excited. At that moment I felt special that we got to experince this and it really made me appreciate nature even more.
Yes that is my crazy husband waving moose bones in the air like a crazy caveman, he always makes me laugh, he can find humor in just about anything. Now this was a cool find, those bones still had blood and marrow oozing out of them! Poor Mr Moose :-( but Mr Wolf's tummy was happy...
We found out that these little beauties are called Indian Pipe and are a pretty rare find.
Yes that exposed rock is the trail, at times it was hard to follow the trail sometimes the trail would take you down into the woods then straight back up the steep rock, what a work out.
Our Transportation to the the island a little seaplane.Now anyone who knows me knows that I am terrified to fly but... " I bought the ticket and took the ride" and what amazing views you get when you fly over to the island.

And the last pic is up at Copper Harbor Michigan, we found and awesome beach and had a little vino seeing that it would be awhile before I had my next glass. I hope you enjoyed the pics. I am already getting excited for next years trip. I am just so happy we didn't get trampled to death by that psychotic moose in rut!!! I am just glad we lived to tell about it. :-)