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Friday, January 29, 2010

Fresh Friday Frittata

TGIF!!! wow what a long cold week.... So I am going to leave you with this recipe you need to try Saturday morning. Seeing that it takes a little longer to prepare this weekend is the perfect time to try this tasty frittata.This is so fresh and tasty and actually pretty healthy seeing that you use only egg whites. So go ahead and splurge on this one I promise you won't be disappointed!

Goat Cheese And Veggie Frittata

6-8 eggs seperated
goat cheese for crumbling on top
baby bella mushrooms
asparagus tips
fresh basil

whisk egg whites
add pinch salt and pepper

lightly saute veggies in skillet
then add egg whites swirl egg whites around in pan until evenly coated
cook until eggs are slightly firm
remove skillet from stove. (A little trick I learned, you need to cover the skillet handle with aluminum foil so it doesn't burn in the oven) place in 400 degree oven and finish cooking about 4-5 min when there is about 1 -2 min left crumble goat cheese and fresh basil on top.

Enjoy with a nice side of fresh fruit and a fresh brewed cup a joe

Bon Appetit!!

Hope you give this recipe a try this Saturday morning.
What is on your agenda for the weekend? I am just hoping for a little sunshine!