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Born a mid western girl but an ocean girl at heart! My soul belongs to the sea....I am obsessed with the color TURQUOISE and all things beachy. I love nature, the outdoors, dogs,cooking,wine,art backpacking, cycling and reading. I also have a passion for photography and I absolutely love photographing the beach that is where my soul is happiest.! I hope you enjoy following me and my adventures so welcome to my blog, I hope you are inspired. HAPPY BLOGGING !

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beach Cruiser Love

So like many of you mid westerners I have spring fever so bad! I am sooo dreaming of vaca on the beach. I can't wait to get on my beach cruiser and just tool around. So my sister pulled this little jem out of her neighbors trash. This bike was originally purple and really beat up. So you know the saying "one mans junk is another ones treasure" or something like that, so true. Anyway you get the picture. So I am so happy with the way it turned out. Wish I would have taken before and afters oh well. I have to give the credit to my husband who painted it for me(custom blue of course) Then I had to make it all cute and girly and add the hibiscus flowers, bell and daisy basket . I just hot glue gunned simple little daisies to the basket and voila ! Beach ready... That basket fits 2 bottles of vino quite nicely I must say! I love taking something old and recycling it, you just have to have a vision and be able to see past all the imperfections. I am starting to get really inspired to start getting crafty I have all kinds of new ideas in mind I will keep you posted on the next art project, I think all this sunshine got me motivated ! Have a great week!

Happy crafting!