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Born a mid western girl but an ocean girl at heart! My soul belongs to the sea....I am obsessed with the color TURQUOISE and all things beachy. I love nature, the outdoors, dogs,cooking,wine,art backpacking, cycling and reading. I also have a passion for photography and I absolutely love photographing the beach that is where my soul is happiest.! I hope you enjoy following me and my adventures so welcome to my blog, I hope you are inspired. HAPPY BLOGGING !

Monday, July 5, 2010

4 th of July and Sara's b-day

Well I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th. I know I had a fabulous 4th of July weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect, finally a warm midwest 4th of July !!! I just love summer and everything summer means... friends, family ,grill outs, white wine, warm summer nights, the bats and night hawks. I could go on and on about summer. So my friend Sara's birthday just happens to be on the 4th how cool is that! She had everyone over for a b-day grill out/b-day party. Now all the girls had no idea the theme for her b-day was daisies, which by the way are my favorite! She is such the party planner, we always joke with each other and say it's all about the details and I think it really is!
So she made us these cute daisy flips flops...

She even made these adorable daisy cupcakes, too cute!!!! even the daisy candies were edible

And how cute is this flower box? she grew some grass and arranged the daisies in the box. I think that is so adorable....

And you can't really see them but if you look up a the ceiling she even made those adorable tissue paper daisies and hung them all from the ceiling of her back porch. Great job Sara everything was super cute! I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, I am off to the beach today to enjoy every last bit of the weekend... Have a fabulous day !

There are friends who pass like ships in the night,
Who meet for a moment then sail out of sight,
With never a backwards glance of regret,
Friends we know briefly, then quickly forget.

Then there are friends that sail together,
Through quiet waters and stormy weather.
Helping each other through joy and strife,
These are the friends who bring meaning to life