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Born a mid western girl but an ocean girl at heart! My soul belongs to the sea....I am obsessed with the color TURQUOISE and all things beachy. I love nature, the outdoors, dogs,cooking,wine,art backpacking, cycling and reading. I also have a passion for photography and I absolutely love photographing the beach that is where my soul is happiest.! I hope you enjoy following me and my adventures so welcome to my blog, I hope you are inspired. HAPPY BLOGGING !

Friday, February 27, 2009

Is spring ever going to rear it's pretty little head???

Well by now everyone is tired of hearing me complain about this awful winter we are having, it has been the longest hardest winter I think I can ever remember. Everyone has to be crawling the walls right now, even if you are ok with winter you have to admit these dark cold days have to be wearing on your soul.So is spring on the way? Now we have been experiencing more bird activity and even the light levels have improved but..... for some reason mother nature is putting us through a mental test of our minds and spirits. I am longing for that first bud to open on the trees, the first warm spring rain and the little daffodil that decides to rear it's pretty little head. Spring is a beautiful rebirthing of the planet. Somehow after all of winters harshness one day spring arrives with all it's glory and announces itself so proudly.

It always amazes me how the planet lies dormant for so long and somehow it finds a way to regenerate itself, it's just too bad that it takes such a toll on our body and spirits. Maybe that is mother natures way of making us appreciate the good things that we have. So until I breathe in that first breath of fresh spring air I will continue to dream about places I have yet to explore on my life's journey. I have added a new place on my list of places to explore it's a little Greek island by the name of Santorini... enjoy the pics and imagine yourself sipping a cocktail while breathing the salty sea air.
Salut ~