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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Crafting

Wow the sun has been shinning for two days now and I couldn't be happier or more inspired! This winter has really been hard. When the sun shines I get a little crazy and want to do a million things, sometimes I get anxiety and I can't decided what project I want to do! Since the sun has been shining I have suddenly been re inspired to be creative. So the other might we had craft night at my friend Sara's house. We made an awesome salad with a mango dressing and some olive tapenade bruschetta, it was YUMMY!
Then we poured some vino and got busy crafting.....
We pulled out the paint and bedazzles and got to crafting!

Now we didn't finish our projects that night but we made a good start, we did however laugh a lot, we laughed so much it hurt! It is so nice to be around such inspiring and crafty girls. When I get this project done I will post it so stay tuned for more craft nights with the girls...

I hope you are inspired I think my creative juices are flowing, must be all the sunshine! I have to say our first craft night was a success. Hope you find something crafty to do this weekend. Check back for more craft nights. Today I am a Happy Crafter! Now get to crafting.

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