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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Long Day at Work

Ok so when I got home from work today I decided I wanted to do a little yard work and look what I found!!!! The Airedale decided to dig a huge hole in my garden!!! UGG darn dog she is quite the hole digger as you can see, oh well what can you do

How can you be mad at a face like that. The funny thing is when I went over to fill the hole in she went right over by the hole and sat up against the fence and just looked at me. She knew what she did she is so smart !!!
So after I did all the damage control I decided to break open a bottle of vino and start on some yard and pond work.
So as you can see it's early spring and the pond doesn't look that great so I am taking before and after pictures this year... stayed tuned I will be posting pics of the pond when it is in full swing. I just love my pond, it has brought me a lot of joy. I just love the sound of the waterfall while I am out sitting on my deck. The sound of water trickling is so calming to your soul.
So you know how earlier I was saying that I came home to a huge hole in my garden well I also came home to my tulips blooming yippee! that put a instant smile on my face.
Happy little tulips, I planted 50 bulbs last fall and I was kind of bummed when I saw them come up it didn't look like the were going to have buds on them. I guess they just needed a little more coaxing for some reason. None the less they all opened and that made my day.

I also came home and saw the lilacs, now I was so excited to cut some and bring them in that I didn't even notice they were not completely opened. Oh well there will be more to cut in the next few days when they open. So after a long day at work and all the negatives I focused on the positive things that my own backyard had to offer me. I guess the lesson here is that even when you have a stressful day and you feel all the negatives, there truly is always something positive to appreciate. I guess You just have to be open to discovering it. So thank you happy little tulips and lilacs you made my day brighter. Have a super day tomorrow and remember to look for something positive in your day!

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Jessica said...

What a cool post & a great way to look at things!

I REALLY want to do a pond, or at least some kind of water feature! Are they really tough to maintain? I would love to sit outside and listen to the water while sipping some wine - HEAVEN!