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Born a mid western girl but an ocean girl at heart! My soul belongs to the sea....I am obsessed with the color TURQUOISE and all things beachy. I love nature, the outdoors, dogs,cooking,wine,art backpacking, cycling and reading. I also have a passion for photography and I absolutely love photographing the beach that is where my soul is happiest.! I hope you enjoy following me and my adventures so welcome to my blog, I hope you are inspired. HAPPY BLOGGING !

Saturday, November 27, 2010


So lately I have been in a bit of a slump mentally and creatively.I really am affected by winter's harshness. I don't care how positive you try to be in the winter time in the midwest it is just plain HARD!!! I have tried to put on a good face and ignore it but I don't like anything about winter. So the one thing I have been doing is dreaming about one day opening my own little wine beachy boutique with my sister. We both love wine and the beach, just perfect for us.The name of our shop would be SHORE VINO. We would even sell our own little beachy creations along with wine. I can envision our little shop down by the beach with white washed wood floors and turquoise walls. As you walk in you would smell our beachy candles and hear jazz music playing. I would love to even have a small little tasting bar for vino. You could do a little tasting while shopping for fun beachy gifts.The possibilities are endless.How fun would that be to own a little shop with your sister??? so what do you think??? I could be super happy working there could you be happy shopping in our little beachy wine boutique??? Check out this vino... Seaglass just perfect for a day at the Beach. And yes the wine is really yummy.Shore Vino would gladly make you a plate of cheese, some good dark chocolate and a bottle of vino to take down to the beach and watch the sunset.

Yup that's my sister and I happy as can be riding our beach cruisers... being free and sharing all our our hopes and dreams together. Never ever ever give up on your dreams, always follow your heart and never be afraid to be "YOU" and having great friends who support you and your dreams and who are truly happy for you,I thank you for believing in me!!!

So there you have it... my dream to open up Shore Vino with my sister . Oh and by the way a dream has to start somewhere right? We have purchased the domain name Shore Vino. We both came up with the name together one night while having a little vino and brain storming. I just love it, two of our favorite things!!! A dream starts with the smallest of steps but you just have to keep moving forward to make your dreams come true!I hope you take some time to dream everyday, you never know where your dreams will take you!

"Nothing happens unless first we dream."
Carl Sandburg


Steve Finnell said...
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girlogik said...

can't wait to visit your shop:)