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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cottage L*O*V*E and All things Old Town Bluffton SC

Hello and happy tuesday! I thought I would pop in and say hello... it's been awhile. I am so grateful I had the oppotunity to visit my sister and just simply rest my body and spirit. My days are started with coffee and breakfast out on the patio with a little bird watching, ok a lot of bird watching it is a birders paradise here! Sometimes I start my day with riding my bike to this adorable little eatery called the cottage. I just love it. Who doesn't love a little cottage eatery, it actually used to be a private residence which has been restored and turned into a fabulous little restaraunt with the most amazing food.

And how cute is the little seating area a happy little garden space which by the way is dog friendly :-)

All of these little places are located in the historic old town bluffton sc. I absolutely love it and I also love the fact that they have preserved all these old houses and have turned them into art galleries, eateries and even this adorable little wine bar. What more does a girl need??? I fell in love with Old Town the minute I laid eyes on it.

And how cute is this little outdoor bar it's called The Dispensary L*O*V*E it!

And if your heart so desires they even have a little B&B , just love the charm of the old south.

And if your heart fancies shopping , antiques or art they have that too...

Old town also has some amazing little secret cottages. I had so much fun just riding my bike around town dreaming and taking photos of the town and all it's southern charm. I had the most amazing day and I was all by myself, I don't often do that but I had the opportunity to spend the day with myself and my thoughts, it was a very GOOD day.

I came across this adorable old school cottage... I could so live there, my dream cottage would have turquosie shutters and a tin roof that will patina by the elements.

But then I could also live in this new school cottage too! Maybe a mix between old and new??? either way this girl does not need much to be happy just a simple little cottage with some trees to hang my hammock.

Another little secret cottage
on the banks of the may river bluffton, now this would be fabulous too... so many choices 

One last little place I found along my ride
Did someone say VINO??? after all that riding around it was time to have a little glass and reflect on my days discoveries and dreams.  

Last stop The Oyster factory on the may river, hope you enjoyed the little tour of old town bluffton, I enjoyed giving it. Have you found your little slice of paradise you can call our own??? I have! Hope you have an inspiring day... until next time

  Never ever ever give up on your DREAM!


simpledaisy said...

Looks very lovely Sherry!

Bella-Fleur said...

you would love it there heather!

dsadf said...

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