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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Simple Beachy Garden Crafts

Happy Sunday! So I was just tinkering around and I love using things I already have laying around or giving new life to something old. So my husband re sided our garage last summer and I was just poking around the garage looking for something and I came across some of the old cedar shakes that were extras and I thought how cute would these be if I made little signs with them. Can't get much simpler than that. I just used some wood letters spray painted them turquoise and glued them on. And seeing my etsy shop is called beach house bliss I thought Bliss was cute! Simply Bliss that is how I feel when I am inspired by the beach and nature. So I was on a roll and thought that butterfly house I had hanging in my garden had seen better days so I gave it a little make over. The roof used to be yellow and with time and the elements it just lost its life. So I got out the turquoise paint and gave it new life, I also added the little starfish and shell. Now my once dilapidated little butterfly house now has new life!
Now for a simple classic summer salad...Caprese salad with pine nuts. Always a fav of mine in the summer. Fresh basil from my garden good vine ripe tomatoes a drizzle of evoo and balsamic buffalo mozz which I love and some pine nuts. Always a classic I never get tired of it all summer long. And aren't my new little plates cute! gotta love Target.

So speaking of summer ... I just got back from a wonderful trip visiting my sister in South Carolina so I thought I would share of few pics of one of my days at the beach.... How cute are these little beach chairs !!! The bright blue really pops on the beach especially on a sunny day! I can picture myself on one now reading a book or browsing threw Coastal Living :-)

And who doesn't love a tiki hut on the beach! This adorable little place is right on the beach in Hilton Head, they also have a sand volleyball court right in front of the tiki hut. Love sipping a cocktail there while watching some sand volleyball. And this lovely little hotel is right next door. So many cute beachy places and pretty things to look at, how can you not be Happy! Well those were just a few pics of my trip I will be posting more ... It's sunday and I am in relax mode so I will be heading over to the hammock with a book . What will you be doing on this sunday afternoon??? 
 Much love xoxo S~

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Saya said...

that was so BEAUTIFUL!! plus i like the blue and turqoise color :)