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Friday, July 29, 2011

Random Summer Fun

Happy FRIDAY! wow it's been a hot one here in the mid west I mean like low country hot! I love it now do I love 99.9 % humidity not really but you will never hear me complain. Living in the mid west you just have to soak up each sunny day because we just don't have that many really super sunny days carpe diem! or carpe vino! like I like to say  RIGHT ??? Just live each and everyday doing what makes you happy and your soul sing! So I thought I would share some of my summer escapades and happy times with my hubby. We have the best fun together no matter what we do, this usually includes me coming up with crazy random ideas and lots that are not planned at all and end up being the best times. I always say the best times in life are truly the ones not planned. I just love this pic of us watching the sunset, wasn't planned this night but we were having dinner with some friends of ours up in South Haven and after dinner everyone was so full and I said hey let's all walk down and watch the sunset it will help our food digest. So glad we walked down to do it , it was BEAUTIFUL, gotta enjoy these simple things in life!

Another favorite place of ours The Idler it's a boat/bar on the water. I just love drinking my vino while watching all the boats drift by while day dreaming. My husband and I have been going to South Haven ever since I was in high school it's been our place. We even drive up there in the winter to see all the ice on lake Michigan it has it's specialness in the winter too, plus who doesn't want any opportunity to go to the beach!!! I love photographing the beach in all seasons, but of course summer is my favorite time.

My husband is such a trooper he isn't a fan of being in pictures but he gladly let me take this picture, thanks honey you are cute !
How cute is this place! I have been wanting to go here forever and finally they were open while I was there. I absolutely love it and would buy pretty much anything in there... I did buy some pretty turquoise  sea glass, I couldn't resist!
More random summer fun but with our dog Molly this time! She was so happy to get to come along this day she actually got to go to 2 dog friendly bars, this one and one called Bridges that our friends found and it is just as cute and on the water, Molly says thanks friends for finding it . I always feel bad when we are gone all day galavanting around and having to leave our doggie at home all day. She was a trooper and did very well. Wish there were more dog friendly places in our area. Well anyway I love to cook and I especially love cooking good healthy food. So here is what we had for dinner last night grilled tuna steaks with purple cabbage asian slaw, fresh garden beans from a friends garden and grilled peaches for desert. A simple healthy easy summer meal. Nothing screams summer like grilling your dinner and desert all on the grill.
I hope everyone is having a great summer , I am off to work on some new stuff for my etsy shop stay tuned I hope to have them listed this weekend.     S~    xoxo                                                    

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sealaura said...

looks like some lovely summer fun! When I lived in South Bend, I did not get to enjoy things too much because I was in grad school or working, wish I could go back and soak in all that midwest fun.