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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Art Of Pmc Clay

 Hello and Happy Wednesday all... I recently spent time with my Bestie in her art studio and she was happy to teach me the art of pmc clay. I just love being in her studio it's so inspiring when we get together in her studio we have so much fun bouncing ideas of each other. Our ideas just start flowing along with the vino hee hee, gotta have vino while getting busy creating. I have even more respect for handmade things than I already did before, wow a lot of time goes into making these bangles, not to mention the rising cost of silver. So here is a little recap of the process of making these little pretties... First you start of by rolling out your clay( pmc is precious metal clay) it's a process of firing the clay in a kiln and applying special material to the clay, amazing when you put your piece in the kiln it comes out as fine silver piece, now there are other steps in between but i won't bore you with all those other details. There is sanding the piece, polishing the piece etc... I also made the bangles (stef soldered them for me( which I am going to learn that next. I hammered each bangle and sanded and polished each one. I really enjoyed each process of making these bangles. I have some more ideas for my clay so stay tuned I will post those next! So here is a quick little step by step of the whole process, minus a few steps in between.
First step roll out your clay...
Punch out your pieces
Let your pieces dry
 Have a little glass of vino in between....
Friend and wonderful teacher
Finished beachy bangles I absolutely love how they turned out and I am proud to say I designed and crafted them myself!

“In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire” Ralph Waldo Emerson


stefanie said...

Love it!!!! I had so much fun sharing my jewelry making talents with you. Until the next time: PeAcE - LoVe - ArT!!!!

Seaside Style said...

Love the bracelets! Hope you had fun at Hunting Island!

Beach House Living said...

Working with PMC has been on my wish list for years! The pieces you made look great.

iheartsunnydays said...

These are adorable! Thank you so much for the tutorial. (I hope it was ok to link to this on my blog)