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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sheryl Crow Concert

Happy Sunday ! Sorry it's been awhile I just got back from a fabulous vaca at Edisto Beach! Stay tuned pics and post to come next! I can't wait to share my trip with you. So I went to see Sheryl Crow in concert a few weeks ago and it was FANTASTIC! It was an amazing night. I absolutely adore Sheryl Crow and love everything she stands for! She is such an inspiration to me. So here are a few pics from the evenings festivities. Me pre show happy as can be with my vino waiting for the show to start... An autographed Beach House Bliss Business card, a ticket stub and one heck of an amazing concert to follow...
Rockin it!!!
Love her guitar!!!
Me after the show waiting to see if I can get a glimpse of Sheryl coming out to her tour bus... I am so glad I hung around because I got to meet Sheryl Crow!!! I was over the moon and star struck!!! So you know I started making cuffs and I thought to myself it's now or never if you want to give her one. So I worked up the nerve and gave her a Beach House Bliss cuff!!!

So I have to mention this adorable headband I am wearing! My good friend Sara from Girlogik  makes these sweet little boho headbands I just love them !!! I have several of them and can't wait to get my new one with feathers on it!!! So that was my amazing experience at the Sheryl Crow concert. Is there someone that you admire??? 

I hope you have a great week! I'm off to unpack from vaca, can't wait to share my pics with you.



sealaura said...

How Cool! I love her music so uplifting and also thoughful. her lyrics are really amazing. Anyway, lucky you that you got to meet her and that she now has one of her cuffs. super nice. can't wait to see more of your vacay pics.

Bella-Fleur said...

thanks Laura!
I know I was star struck when I met her! I will be posting vac pics soon we did some really awesome stuff can't wait to share, ! I'm off to Chicago for the day.Enjoy your sunday :-)