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Friday, October 14, 2011

Vacation Edisto Beach

Well hello there long time no talk I know.... I have been so busy creating pretty little cuffs! I have to say I have finally found my thing, creating cuffs and it feels so right! It all started when I went looking for a cute boho cuff to wear to the Sheryl Crow concert... Well I had a vision but just couldn't find the cuff I had in mind so I decided I would make my own and from that moment on 1 cuff became 2 and from that I started my own little etsy shop! So now back to my vaca.... sorry sometimes I get so excited that I veer of course sometimes but that's ok. I may get a little of course but I have ALWAYS stayed true to myself! that is one thing I can say for sure. So please enjoy the pics from my recent trip to Edisto Beach my favorite place on the planet!!!
How adorable is this little guy??? Our amazing friend who lives on Edisto Island works with the naturalist on the turtle project and we got invited to ride along on quads down the beach one morning and check nests for little hatchlings that didn't make it out, and to our surprise we came across a nest that still had little babies in it. Due to blow over sand from the hurricane that went up the coast this august there were some nests that just had too much sand on top for the little guys to be able to dig themselves out, so that's were the naturalist and my friend come in they get to offer a helping hand and dig them out. I have to say this was one of the most amazing things I have ever got to be a part of. I got to help this little guy out to the ocean to start his new life! truly a gift to get to see nature at it's finest.

Beautiful Carolina sunset, one of my favorite things along with my happy little turquoise beach cruiser,what more could a girl ask for, thanks honey you did an amazing job painting it ! I am obsessed with all things TURQUOISE if you haven't noticed haha! my poor husband I am always talking about how I want everything painted turquoise, I can't help it turquoise just makes me happy and makes me think of the sea.
How can you not be happy while riding around the beach on this little cruiser? I just L*O*V*E it. I love to collect shells and fossils and put them in my basket. This girl is simple just give me sunshine and wine doesn't take much to make me happy! oh yeah and my amazing husband too, thanks honey for all the amazing things you do for me and thanks for another amazing vaca at Edisto!

Just be happy it's that simple!

 Dare to dream, the possibilities are endless... I hope you have a fabulous weekend get out and try something new the world is waiting! xoxo S~         


Intelligence said...

Bella! I was browsing through blogs and I saw a mention of Edisto Beach! Me and my family have gone there for the past 10 years or so but have never met anyone else who visits--so you can imagine my surprise. Despite being a boy I love Sheryl Crowe, and I couldn't believe you actually got to meet her; you must have lost your breath a few times. I'm new to blogging myself but if you're interested here's my profile

thanks for the good read!

Donjeta said...

great pictures:)

sealaura said...

lovely post! I hope you get back to blogging again.

Saif Eye said...

I love all the lovely and romantic photos!
Coping them also......!!!

iheartsunnydays said...

Gorgeous photos, LOVE the bike!

vishal kumar said...

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